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• Accomodation

At Capetown airport:
When arrival of your flight is in the late evening, and you will chose to stay the night over in Capetown the most close hotel can be found in 10 minutes from the airport:
• Roadlodge Hotel

At Riversdale:
On less than 10 minutes’ drive from R&S Tissue Culture laboratories there are enough options for accommodation. We recommend the followings:
• Fynbos Guesthouse
• Oakhurst Guesthouse
• Other accommodation in Riverdale 


• Money

Currency information: Rand (ZAR; symbol R) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of R200, 100, 50, 20 and 10. Coins are in denominations of R5, 2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10 and 5 cents. For Exchange rates.

Credit cards: MasterCard and Visa are preferred. American Express and Diners Club are also widely accepted. ATMs are available in all towns, cities and shopping malls and most petrol stations, and accept international cards. Almost all hotels, shops and restaurants, and even national parks and game reserves, accept credit cards. They are rarely accepted at petrol stations, however.

ATM: ATM’s are available at Capetown Airport (after customs) in all towns (incl. in Riversdale), cities and shopping malls and most petrol stations, and international cards are accepted.


• Car rental

Driving a car in South Africa is a pleasant experience, as the road infrastructure is comparable with the roads of the US or Western Europe and they are well maintained. Like in the UK, driving is done on the left side of the road. At Cape town airport just after passing customs, the rental companies are located (open till 24.00 hour) and here you can pick up and drop off your rental car. Sat navigation can be rented in addition (TomTom), but of course you can also use your own NAV system once you have downloaded the South Africa roadmaps , which work good and detailed). Advance booking is advised (also for your NAV system). A credit card, driver license, passport will be required. Note that on return your tank must be filled. At Cape town airport, next to Roadlodge hotel you find the most close by fuel station. Car rental companies we have good experiences with are:
• Avis and Budget
Others to look at for your best deal:
• Europcar and Hertz
• Sunnycars (which uses Budget in SA)


• Local time, Climate and Weather Forecast

- Weather Forecast, Humidity, Overview of Monthly averages, …
- The time at South Africa is same as Central European Time (CET); for an example it is same as in The Netherlands.


• Leisures

Rivesdale is a town on the famous “Garden route”. The Garden Route lies east of Cape Town and encompasses some of South Africa's most beautiful beaches, mountains, and rivers. The climate is mild all year round and there are countless of activities to enjoy including whale-watching, hiking, ostrich riding, golfing, swimming, bungee jumping, safari parks and more.
The link shows all towns and cities (including Riversdale) on “Garden route” and THINGS TO DO per location and its surroundings.
Note: The province of Western Cape is Malaria free area (as most of South Africa). The link shows Malaria risk areas in Republic of South Africa and neighbors countries.


• Route directions

Driving directions from Capetown Int. Airport to Fritz Grub Crescent, Riversdale 6670, South Africa 284 km – about 3 hours 41 min

1. Head south 280 m
2. Keep left at the fork 450 m
3. Turn left toward Michigan St 120 m
4. Take the 1st right onto Michigan St 350 m
5. Turn left onto Borcherds Quarry Rd 700 m
6. Merge onto N2 Rd via the ramp to Somerset 281 km
7. Turn right onto Mulder St 180 m
8. Take the 1st right onto 1st St 68 m
9. Take the 1st right onto Fritz Grub Cres 230 m

Fritz Grub Crescent
Riversdale 6670, South Africa

Additional Info: Coming from direction Capetown, once arrived in Riversdale keep on driving on the N2 till at the right side you see the Engen Fuel station, the Wimpy and a Toyota dealer. Take the right exit between the fuel station and the Toyota dealer to the industrial area. After 200 meters, take the second street on your right which goes up. At the end of this street you will see Nestle and Era fruit Juices. Go left and pass Era fruit juices on the right. The building of R&S Tissue Culture laboratories will show up in front of you.


• Emergency numbers in South Africa/Western Cape

Western Cape Police Flying Squad (Toll-free from landlines/ payphones): 10111 
Western Cape Ambulance: 10177 
Cell phone Emergency Number (Free on all cell phone networks): 112 
Western Cape AA Emergency Road Service (Toll-free from landlines/ payphones): 0800 01 0101 
Western Cape Fire Brigade: 107 
Poison Information (Toll-free from landlines/ payphones): 0800 33 3444 
Western Cape Mountain Rescue Services: 021 948 9900 or 107 
Western Cape Sea Rescue Services: 21 449 3500 
Western Cape Aviation Rescue Services: 021 937 1211 
Child Emergency (Toll-free from landlines/ payphones): 0800 123 321 
Western Cape Tourism Information and Safety Call Line: 083 123 2345 


 • Important numbers in Riversdale

Ambulance: 028 713 2313 
Fire Brigade: 028 713 2418 
Hospital: 028 713 2445 
Doctors: 028 713 2500 
Police: 10111 / 028 713 8500 
Veterinary Surgeon: 028 713 1123 
Municipality: 028 713 2418 
Library: 028 713 8010 
Tourism Bureau: 028 713 1996